​​Grouseland Tours Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast is your choice of pastries, bagels, English muffins, cereal, or you can prepare our eggs fresh from our pasture raised chickens (best you will ever have), we will give you up to a dozen (2 per person per day, If you are here a week we will cover you).We will also provide fruit and vegetables in season from our orchard and garden.
What to bring
You don't need to bring water (please!), ours is excellent, so much better than bottled,   We are 6 miles from the closest restaurant, and 12 or 18 miles from the ones we recommend. If you are coming on the PA Turnpike from the east, Breezewood has no grocery stores, you must bring food before you get there, if you are coming from the west, Bedford and Everett have several stores, if you are coming on I-70 from the east, stop in Hancock, from I-68 from the west, stop in Cumberland. Please keep this in mind, but we are very convenient if you bring your own food.
The Toilet
Because of our location with a pond and forest, a septic system wasn't possible. So we have a Hi-Tech, sanitary, composing toilet. It is easy to use, and we take care of everything. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may want to pass on our place.

Interaction with guests.

We ask that you call or text before you arrive (when you get to Breezewood or Hancock) so that we can greet you at the bike shop take you down to the cottage which is a 1/4 mile further, and show you around, we live on the property and are always available via texting or phone in our cottage for any questions. We want to give our guests as much privacy as possible, and our phones contact us directly to deal with any issue. We do live on the property and drive by the cottage on our way to our bike shop where we work occasionally, We know that people want as much privacy as possible and we respect that. On the other hand Mason loves people and interacts easily, if you want interaction, he will be there.

Things to know!

Your Stay

Everything is custom made, have a look.

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